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Another variation of the invention may use a different evaluation in which content material snippets within the documents are determined and tracked for temporal adjustments. For example, assume a document #1 has a certain content material CA-designated collectively as a text string the place An represents particular person words. 2, later reportings on such story sometimes augment such content instantly, to lead to a combined content material doc #2 containing CA+CB, the place CB is an extra text string of extra sentences. This additional text string could also be merely appended or embedded in different ways inside the original content material. DETAILED DESCRIPTION The present invention is concerned with identifying temporal differences between paperwork, which typically are manifested in the type of some form of content variations between documents.

The method of declare 1 whereby mentioned outcomes at step are offered as part of search ends in response to a question made by the consumer for said first occasion. The method of claim 2 whereby said figuring out relies

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on identifying predicted textual content and/or phrases generated as part of mentioned new predicted content and referring to stated plurality of various alternative predicted states in said new content material. Furthermore it may be decided that an occasion has terminated, but that the user has not fully reviewing content material on a particular matter as proven at step 1020.

The subsequent operation which takes place at step 425 is a determination of a closest present match to the doc in question. This is finished by referring to a preexisting reference set recognized as grasp matter set 465 in FIG. Again the method of figuring out such match can be accomplished with any number of methods identified within the art and applied as software packages for evaluating and matching content material of digital documents.

The update on Stink's status at entry 484 is another instance. It could be seen fairly clearly that comparability of temporal associated snippets can yield moderately reliable indications of the recency of documents, and the state of a selected event. Entries 482, 483, 484 and 485, are later updates/reporting of the events of the main story 480.

A “document” as used herein is meant to be understood within the broadest sense to include human or machine perceivable materials in digital kind. While text-based paperwork are described herein with respect to a most popular embodiment, it is going to be understood that other functions of the invention might be employed in different domains to include audio and video data. In such latter cases the invention can be used to operate on text data extracted from audio content tags describing such multimedia recordsdata or different metadata related to such recordsdata that could be analyzed temporally. Yet another side issues automated advertising that depends upon and uses temporal info to enhance online advert auctions, promoting placement and search engine conduct. Other elements of the invention contain automatically identifying and utilizing human contributors for news/temporal content material, together with determining optimum individuals for such contributions. Related to this side are interfaces, websites and different instruments designed to facilitate collection of ranking knowledge from volunteers.

This same principle may be applied in the present invention as well. The primary difference in the present software is that the phrases are derived from analyzing paperwork similar to news tales or web pages instead of caller transcriptions. Determining the “category” of a new document is a comparatively simple exercise well-known within the artwork, and the aforementioned vector based mostly method can be one option. Other techniques might be obvious to those skilled within the art. The destinations in this instance are the temporal classifications, in order that the paperwork are sorted successfully into individual bins representing a definite temporal interpretation worth for individual classes.

A additional source of data that can be exploited are shut captioned television broadcasts, podcasts, RSS feeds and similar knowledge feeds which can embody text . These can afford additional alternatives for recovering well timed knowledge. The invention is also used in reference to systems which monitor activity in message boards, Blogs, RSS feeds, social networking websites, and so forth. In such instances the invention could be assisted by a polling routine which operates periodically to scan and retrieve content material from specific designated sites, in a manner similar to that proven and disclosed in U.S. This polling could be done on a subject or event foundation, and such topics/events can be determined routinely based on the content material of a web page/site in question (in a manner just like that done by implementations of Ad Sense™—a Google advert serving technique). For instance, a fan site devoted to the Boston Red Sox baseball team might have a dynamic record of message board posts, blogs, etc., with current news on the group, specific gamers medical conditions, scores, and so on.

The impact is especially pronounced through the time by which certain events , similar to sporting events, elections, pure catastrophes, accidents, are taking place. That is, the updating of scores is one thing that tends to lag considerably behind other stories. This makes it exhausting to evaluate the information at a look and immediately identify the current state of the sure occasions. The Afghanistan cricket team, being essentially the most inspirational cricketing story of this century, attracts attention whenever they are set to play.

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