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Good to see man’s greatest good friend make the front web page for some excellent news. You heard it first from Big Red chooks. A new, locally owned fishing vessel is on the horizon! Here’s an thought for political reform chooks!

And talking of presidency jobs, an extra family group may be added to the growing list of individuals leaving the country due to issues with their government jobs. It seems authorities isn't doing enough to retain some of the highly skilled government employees. The latest, a household group, is eyeing up a shift to NZ within the next day or so. Forty grand for an NGO to constitution a plane to go north? If no other person in the personal sector can do it cheaper then Government should drive costs down by beginning up an air line in competitors.

Retailers later hand within the “currency” to authorities in trade for normal cash. That method we'll know exactly how much the paddlers spend. With CISNOC dealing with such a humungus invoice for the next few years, word is our team to the next lot of worldwide games will be so much smaller so as to save on costs. Rumour is we’ll be giving the Olympics next year a miss and the Commonwealth Games in 2014 in Glasgow a miss as nicely. With the skin chance of 2 hurricanes in the course of theดูู-บอล-ออนไลน์ top of February, you'd suppose the Port Authority could be excited about transferring these massive rocks piled up by the principle road!

Rumour is once they departed to come back back that he ordered the entire island to contribute no less than 2 maroro for the visitor’s luggage as a pakau aroa. Good to be King nowadays particularly when you are within the outer islands. Tourists flood off

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the big cruise boat on Saturday and into the Market with wads of yankee dollars which one vendor on the market refused to accept! Visitors lining up for waffles were told by the waffle maker that US dollars were not acceptable! Is a visitor to trot all the way into city and exchange the US dollars at the bank then trot all the best way again simply to buy a waffle?

No announcement as but from the taskforce chooks. Perhaps the members of the taskforce are in rehab affected by after shock. Minor disaster for the PM just again from abroad and because of attend the ceremonial opening of parliament! Seems he flew in without his suitcase containing his best suits.

If things do not get a move on, more will observe.ค้นหา A bevy of bikini clad beauties were later spotted paddling across the blue lagoon little question amazed and entranced by the experience. To save on cash government should do away with all cars. A government automotive must be changed every few years. If simply 50 vehicles have been scrapped, with every automotive valued at about $25,000 and costing $10,000 a year to run, that’s saving of $1,750,000.

Chooks there might be as many as seven independent MPs in parliament after the next election. Two of Aitutaki’s three seats may go to the new political celebration due to the Sunday flights problem in order that leaves the two major parties to split 15 seats between them. Local from Australia attending a big birthday bash in the outer islands, was shocked to find out how properly over expired a jar of Best Food was from the one shop on the island.

Support a rise to pensions. The ADB bank in 2008 said the profit was not a true pension however an “income supplement” because the worth of living was too high. Support lower rates of interest within the banks. Support extra employment for locals.

One cannot blame the pissed off Samoan transport fraternity for giving the Cook Islands a wide berth after the final frightening fiasco over cargo and funds. There isสล็อต-ฝาก10รับ100 nothing straight forward to something when dealing with a Cook Islander-as the Samoans now know! But they should have learnt that lesson final 12 months after they put a ship on to transport the northerners down for Te Maeva Nui.

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